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Let the treasure hunt begin!

The Escher’s Island is now open for those who seek adventure and are ready to show their best to get the treasures.
2018/08/31 10:31
by oduvan

CheckiO Quests

A new great way to gain points and additional opportunities in the game.
2018/06/14 09:39
by oduvan

3 Ways you can Use Emails on CheckiO

How emails can become a great tool used to your advantage.
2018/02/21 10:44
by oduvan

10 Stand Out JavaScript Bloggers And Their Best Posts Of 2017

An overview of 10 popular JavaScript bloggers and their TOP articles in 2017.
2017/12/07 14:07
by oduvan

10 common beginner mistakes in JavaScript

Highlighting some of the mistakes that are commonly made by the beginners in JavaScript.
2017/10/19 14:25
by oduvan

5 Ways of Error Handling in JavaScript

The exploration of pitfalls and good error handling practices in JavaScript.
2017/10/12 12:55
by oduvan

JavaScript best practices: function

JavaScript functions and some of the good and bad practices of their usage.
2017/10/05 14:46
by oduvan

Back into the future or the history of JavaScript language

A look back on when and how JavaScript was created and came to a point where it is now.
2017/09/28 15:25
by oduvan

3 Free JavaScript books by O'Reilly

An overview of the 3 free O’Reilly books about JavaScript along with some information on their authors.
2017/09/21 07:40
by oduvan

Creating Missions on CheckiO

Going through the journey of the every new mission on CheckiO.
2017/09/07 08:09
by oduvan

EcmaScript 2018. Template Literal Revision

Finishing the series of articles devoted to EcmaScript innovations. First look at ES 2018.
2017/08/31 14:14
by oduvan

EcmaScript 2017 .getOwnProperty and trailing commas

Going through the other novelties of EsmaScript 8. Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors and trailing commas in function parameter lists and calls
2017/08/22 06:32
by oduvan

EcmaScript 2017. String padding

Continuing the revision of the latest EcmaScript 8 features. A closer look at the String padding function.
2017/08/15 10:38
by oduvan

EcmaScript 2017. Object.values/ Object.entries

The latest feature set of EcmaScript 8. Taking a closer look at the function Object.values/Object.entries.
2017/08/08 06:51
by oduvan

Crazy August

Results of relaxing July, new missions and how crazy August will look like.
2017/08/01 13:41
by oduvan

4 new short missions

4 new short missions for you this week
2017/07/27 21:33
by oduvan

Results of the first week

Reverse Roman Numerals and Roman Numerals are no longer in random review mode, one more mission had been released last week and our top3 leaders you can find in this blog post about the first week of relax-July.
2017/07/13 09:51
by oduvan

Relax and have some fun on July

This month we will release a lot of small and short missions, so you can check how creative can be CheckiO community with JavaScript.
2017/07/06 11:24
by oduvan

3 new missions

3 new missions, UX improvements and Web Plugin upgrade...
2017/06/29 13:25
by oduvan

New Easy Mission and IceBase LeaderBoard

We have released 8 new and easy missions in IceBase station and activate a LeaderBoard on the Island
2017/05/16 12:07
by oduvan
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