• This week’s missions: The Most Frequent Weekdays, The Longest Palindromic and Days Diff


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We believe that it’s highly important to be able to recognize the issues of current education and to know what you really need to learn to achieve your goals and how to do it more efficiently in the long run. So in this week’s article “Minimalistic Approach To Education” we’re talking about the problems that education is facing in terms of information overload and how minimalism can be applied to studying and make it more effective, useful and resultative.

Test yourself and have fun with the new missions we have for you:

The first mission is called “The Most Frequent Weekdays” and here you need to find the most frequent day(s) of the week in a given year.

most_frequent_days(1084) == ['Tuesday', 'Wednesday']
most_frequent_days(1167) == ['Sunday']

The second is the “The Longest Palindromic” where your task is to write a function that finds the longest palindromic substring of a given string.

longestPalindromic('abc') == 'a'
longestPalindromic('abacada') == 'aba'

The third one is the “Days Diff” and here you have to calculate the difference in days between the two given dates.

daysDiff([1982, 4, 19], [1982, 4, 22]) == 3
daysDiff([2014, 1, 1], [2014, 8, 27]) == 238
    As per usual, we've prepared some interesting articles from the world of JavaScript:
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  • The higher-order functions in JavaScript. Find out how James Sinclair explains what they are, their purpose and breaks down why they are so important in JS language.
  • We all care about performance when creating a webpage or an app. So here are 12 Tips for Improving JavaScript Performance, among which are deferring the load of JavaScript that isn’t necessary, avoiding memory leaks, removing unused JavaScript, prioritizing access to local variables and others with explanations.

The users who’ve made the TOP 3 this month are Atadolfo, kurosawa4434, and loginus.lagonow. You are doing great, friends! Keep on coding!

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