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Promise Me To Read Abour Promises And Try To Count Squares By Coordinates

Promises are very important in JS and Life!
2024/07/16 07:21
by freeman_lex

Learn New Sets Methods And Split Digits Into Encreasing Ladder!

New JavaScript Set methods are arriving!
2024/07/02 17:02
by freeman_lex

Don't Be Afraid Of Function Composition And Try To Use It In A New Mission!

Get familiar with function composition!
2024/06/18 17:21
by freeman_lex

Display Regex As Diagram To Better Understand It And Count Domino Tiling Variants

Your struggle with regex becomes easier!
2024/06/05 11:51
by freeman_lex

Play With The Garland And Understand How Array.sort() Works

Make a garland beautiful with minimum bulbs!
2024/05/21 16:52
by freeman_lex

Become An Author at CheckiO! An Algorithm Of Creating Missions

A new easier way to create missions!
2024/05/07 12:53
by freeman_lex

Help A Number To Get Off A String. Become A Better Front-End Developer!

Become better in working with DevTools!
2024/04/23 16:45
by freeman_lex

Beautify Array Of Arrays And Debug Your Code Better!

Code, Learn, Repeat!
2024/04/09 16:46
by freeman_lex

Check 15-puzzle Solvability While Making Your Code Highly Optimized.

Keep grinding JavaScript!
2024/03/26 18:45
by freeman_lex

TS 5.3 At CheckiO! Try It While Solving Missions About Diamonds, Dices And Lunar Myltiply!

TS 5.3 is implemented at CheckiO
2024/02/26 17:19
by freeman_lex

Discover the New Features in CheckiO ClassRoom

Latest updates to CheckiO ClassRoom are designed to make your educational experience more efficient, engaging, and enjoyable.
2024/01/09 16:14
by freeman_lex

Introducing Pair Programming on CheckiO: Elevating Collaborative Coding

CheckiO introduces Pair Programming, a new tool transforming online code editors into collaborative sessions for real-time coding collaboration and problem-solving.
2023/12/21 17:07
by freeman_lex

Hotkeys for Run, Check and Stop, New Translations and more!

CheckiO keeps to evolve! Move with us to new functionality, knowledge and interesting missions!
2023/07/10 12:18
by freeman_lex

New Array Methods, Alternative Static Typing and JQuery Release.

Get to know something new to become a better coder!
2023/05/23 06:34
by freeman_lex

TS 5.0 and new Missions are here!

TS 5.0 implemented at CheckiO, new missions and interesting articles.
2023/04/05 16:14
by freeman_lex

War in Ukraine

Almost no time to release new updates for CheckiO, you know, busy with war a bit.
2022/02/28 21:03
by oduvan

Prettier TS4.5

TypeScript 4.5, prettier support in Editor and 2 more simple missions
2021/12/02 14:21
by oduvan

Three Important Updates

New Editor, play without registration and difficulty levels
2021/11/05 10:42
by oduvan

💡 Latest series of missions with light bulbs

You have to take on this challenge!
2021/02/05 08:22
by oduvan

This week's series of missions with light bulbs

Challenge yourself with our latest tasks!
2021/01/22 10:26
by oduvan
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