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Hi guys!

CheckiO's mission was always to increase the interest to programming through the game. Our team is constantly working in that direction and we're happy to announce that one more step was made in achieving that goal - we've released a new feature which we believe will be a great addition and will give you new opportunities in the game.

Now, starting from the 4th level our users once per week will receive certain tasks - quests - (usually the three of them) which they have to solve during this particular time (one week). Those quests might be: to open an island, solve a specific mission, give a code review to another user or one of their followers, rate some of the solutions, etc. For solving their quests each user will receive the Quest Points (QP). Those points are given for finishing each separate task, and of course, the additional points - for managing to solve all of the given quests till the end of a week.

The received Quest Points can be later used to unlock the closed missions or islands, to gain access to solutions of other users before you've solved the task in question yourself, or to buy an Awesome Account.

The quest differ depending on the user's level and are designed to push him in a certain direction which we think might be interesting and somewhat useful. And by participating in these tasks and gaining points, the player can also gain a certain degree of freedom and more access on CheckiO.

The link to the quest list as well as the amount of the available Quest Points you can find on the bottom of the left panel. Also the list of the accessible quests will be shown in our weekly mailouts. You can subscribe on those by following the link.

We hope that you'll like this newest addition to our portal. Please, give us your feedback in the comments below! Maybe you have some questions or propositions. We are open for your ideas and are ready to answer any questions.

PS: We are planning on expanding the quests which our users will receive as well as the things that they can buy by using the gained Quest Points.

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