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The Best of 2019

Check out the new missions and our plans for this year.
2020/01/16 17:09
by oduvan

This week’s mission: Escape

Test yourself and have fun with the new mission we have for you.
2019/11/28 16:10
by oduvan

11 Ways How To Make Home Education More Effective

The most beneficial techniques to use when you study at home.
2019/11/21 16:06
by oduvan

Something interesting from JS world

We have some interesting info for you.
2019/10/31 15:17
by oduvan

TOP 5 Software Failures of 2018–2019 (#5 is pretty alarming)

You have to see a few recent software failure examples from 2018-2019.
2019/10/24 11:17
by oduvan

This week’s missions: Cut Sentence, Speech Module and Life Counter

Test yourself and have fun with the missions we have for you.
2019/10/10 12:40
by oduvan

This week’s missions: The Most Frequent Weekdays, The Longest Palindromic and Days Diff

Test yourself and have fun with the new missions we have for you.
2019/07/19 06:16
by oduvan

Why teachers should provide real-life examples

Check out the new articles on teaching and learning!
2019/06/11 17:06
by oduvan

Homework is more important than lecture

Emphasizing the importance of homework in the educational process.
2018/11/08 14:35
by oduvan

checkio-client & Web Extension

Presenting a new CheckIO tool with a broad set of functions.
2018/09/27 11:07
by oduvan

Let the treasure hunt begin!

The Escher’s Island is now open for those who seek adventure and are ready to show their best to get the treasures.
2018/08/31 10:31
by oduvan

CheckiO Quests

A new great way to gain points and additional opportunities in the game.
2018/06/14 09:39
by oduvan

3 Ways you can Use Emails on CheckiO

How emails can become a great tool used to your advantage.
2018/02/21 10:44
by oduvan

10 Stand Out JavaScript Bloggers And Their Best Posts Of 2017

An overview of 10 popular JavaScript bloggers and their TOP articles in 2017.
2017/12/07 14:07
by oduvan

10 common beginner mistakes in JavaScript

Highlighting some of the mistakes that are commonly made by the beginners in JavaScript.
2017/10/19 14:25
by oduvan

5 Ways of Error Handling in JavaScript

The exploration of pitfalls and good error handling practices in JavaScript.
2017/10/12 12:55
by oduvan

JavaScript best practices: function

JavaScript functions and some of the good and bad practices of their usage.
2017/10/05 14:46
by oduvan

Back into the future or the history of JavaScript language

A look back on when and how JavaScript was created and came to a point where it is now.
2017/09/28 15:25
by oduvan

3 Free JavaScript books by O'Reilly

An overview of the 3 free O’Reilly books about JavaScript along with some information on their authors.
2017/09/21 07:40
by oduvan

Creating Missions on CheckiO

Going through the journey of the every new mission on CheckiO.
2017/09/07 08:09
by oduvan
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