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Good day, CheckiO users!

Psychology is a fascinating science that provides us with information concerning human behavior, communication, intelligence, etc. This data can be very useful in everyday life if you actually apply it. But the one problem is, not everything that is considered a known fact from this field is actually proven by scientific evidence. There is a huge amount of theories that are completely wrong, but are so widespread that are being taken at face value. Some of those ideas are quite innocent even though misleading, but on others people might base their views and practices. In order to dispel them forever, we've created a list of Myths About Brain And Learning. Hope you'll enjoy it and give us your feedback.

Also, you've been asking us for this for some time now. So we did it!

Yes, this week we're launching a mission search option. Isn't that great!

The search bar you can reach from the Map Page, where you can tap on the widget in the upper-right corner, or by simply following the link, which can also be found in the footer area. Here you'll be able to search for missions by name, tags, and/or description.

Search will be performed only on those missions that are currently accessible for the user.

Challenge yourself with our latest missions:

The first mission is called "End Zeros" where you have to find out how many zeros are at the end of the given number.

endZeros(0) == 1
endZeros(1) == 0
endZeros(10) == 1
endZeros(101) == 0

The second is the "Number Length" mission and here you need to figure out how many digits a positive integer has.

numberLength(10) == 2
numberLength(0) == 1

The third mission is "Backward String" where the task is to return the string in reverse order.

backwardString('val') == 'lav'
backwardString('') == ''
backwardString('ohho') == 'ohho'
backwardString('123456789') == '987654321'

The fourth mission is called "Backward Each Word" where you have to reverse every word in the given string but leave them is their places.

backwardStringByWord('') == ''
backwardStringByWord('world') == 'dlrow'
backwardStringByWord('hello world') == 'olleh dlrow'
backwardStringByWord('hello   world') == 'olleh   dlrow'
    Highlights from the JS world:
  • TypeScript 3.8 has been released! It brings a lot of new features, including new or upcoming ECMAScript standards features, new syntax for importing/exporting only types, and more. Check out the details right now!
  • The foundations of asynchronous programming in JavaScript thoroughly explained. Good examples, nice structure, everything you need to know. See for yourself!
  • Scala.js 1.0.0 is released! It has better interoperability with JavaScript libraries, improved portability with respect to Scala/JVM, better run-time performance, etc. Find out what else Scala.js 1.0.0 holds and what are the preparations before upgrading!

Our congratulations to the winner of January 2020 - MaxGraey - you are totally Awesome and we are very glad to have you here with us!

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