• This week's missions: Escape and The Greatest Common Divisor


Hello CheckiO users! 🙂

💪 Challenge yourself with our latest missions on the Mine station:

The first one is called Escape and here your task is to estimate whether the fly will succeed in its attempts to fly out of the jar or not.

escape([1000, 500, 200], [0, 0, 100, 0]) == false
escape([1000, 500, 200], [450, 50, 0, -100]) == true
escape([1000, 1000, 200], [450, 1000, 100, 0]) == false
escape([1000, 1000, 200],
 [250, 250, -10, -50]) == false
escape([1000, 2000, 200], [20, 35, 100, 175]) == true

The second mission is The Greatest Common Divisor where you should find the greatest common factor of the given arbitrary number of positive integers.

greatestCommonDivisor(6, 4) == 2
greatestCommonDivisor(2, 4, 8) == 2
greatestCommonDivisor(2, 3, 5, 7, 11) == 1
greatestCommonDivisor(3, 9, 3, 9) == 3

The previous week’s missions were: Fast Train and Identify Block. Check out the leaderboard, which should be open if you have solved them, and find out which solution was the best!

    💡 Highlights from the JS world:
  • JavaScript is quite a funny language with tricky parts. Go through the collection of some crazy JS examples and the explanations of their functionality. If you are a beginner, you can use these notes to get a deeper dive into JavaScript. If you are a professional developer, you can consider these examples as a great reference for all of the quirks and unexpected edges of our beloved JavaScript. Anyway, you have to know WTF it’s all about 😊
  • Check out all the ways you can export and import within your modules by checking the ES Modules in Depth. You will definitely learn how to make your imports and exports work the way you need them to!
  • If you believe that you can get by fine not knowing anything about memory management as a JavaScript developer, you are mostly right. But there comes the time when you encounter problems, like memory leaks, that you can only solve if you know how memory allocation works. So it might be really useful to find out how memory allocation and garbage collection works and how you can avoid some common memory leaks in JS.

Our congratulations to the winner of October 2020 - mortonfox - you are totally Awesome and we are very glad to have you here with us! 👏🏼

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