• 6 additional missions on the map


Good day CheckiO users!

CheckiO Team continues improving the portal. We are glad to tell you that CheckiO Client has been updated. You can find the following improvements:

- the bugs concerning run and check for JavaScript / TypeScript missions have been fixed;

- by using checkio open you can now open the solutions folder in your favorite editor;

- checkio config show and checkio config --raw allows you to control your current client configuration, e.g., you can configure active editor using command

checkio --domain js config set editor /usr/local/bin/sublime

The current update will allow you to upgrade your Checkio Client to the latest version using

checkio upgrade

But this time, please, still apply

pip3 install --upgrade checkio-client

The User Profile has been extended, so now you can find the solutions of the removed missions there.

If you still have any issues, please, don't hesitate to contact me.

Be creative and show cool solutions to the following 6 missions that have been added this week!

    Highlights from the JS world:
  • Check out the TypeScript exercises. You'll be able to play with many different TypeScript features and get an overview of TypeScript capabilities and principles. You can go over the basic typing, refining types, union types, merged types, generics, type declarations, module augmentation, and advanced type mapping.
  • Find your favorite JavaScript utilities in just one line of code. It's simply amazing!
  • You have to try Open Source Game Engine for Turn-Based Games. It's quite an interesting playable game with online multiplayer features, which is being converted from the simple functions you write describing the game state changes each time a particular move is made. And all of it without requiring you to write a single line of networking or storage code.

Our congratulations to the winner of April 2020 - vincent.tscherter - you are totally Awesome and we are very glad to have you here with us!

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