• Crazy August

Relaxing July was fun but tense. Every week we have discussed new missions more and more, and CheckiO community has helped with improving their description, adding tests and so on...

Our last July mission is "Simplify Unix Path" where you should try to simplify unix path in a specific way. Missions that were released last week, "Create Intervals" and "Merge Intervals", have their leaderboards open for those who’ve solved it.

During the month TOP3 leaders were constantly changing, but at the end we finally have a winner - it is jdent. Thanks jdent for being so awesome this month!

As for the next month, August, we have decided to make one more month around new missions, since we have 5 more of them in testing mode. But this month will be a little bit different. During this month you can get points not only for missions released during August but also for missions from July. Yes, we are still looking for more interesting and creative solutions for those missions.

Thank you all, and let’s have a crazy August together!

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