• Relax and have some fun on July

This month we will release a lot of small and short missions, so you can check how creative can be CheckiO community with JavaScript. The first two mission in this list are Roman Numerals where you should convert roman numerals into decimals and Reverse Roman Numerals where you should convert decimal numerals into roman numerals

On top of that Missions order and points were changed a little bit as well. We put more easy missions closed to the “Home” station, but leave links on their previous stations so you don’t lose it. Because of mission refactoring we have a new station opened called Mine

New easy missions will have a very short description. You, as a user, will get notification when new mission will be published on a station you have access to.

Monthly Leaderboard is relaunched. All points for comments will be counted monthly, but points for solutions will be counted only for new missions. We also want to remind you that you will get 5 time more points for code review that for ordinary solutions.

That’s pretty much it. Let’s make July creative together.

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