• Let the treasure hunt begin!

Escher’s Island

This day has come, adventurers! You’re going on a long journey, at the end of which the most persistent ones will be rewarded.

But before you leave the safe harbor and start solving the puzzles left by Lord Escher on the way to his treasures, I want to remind you of a few key points that will help you plan your trip.

The total number of assignments is 15 and all of them will gradually become available during September. The opening of each mission is going to happen in two stages - on the first day you’ll be able to solve the mission, but the solutions of other users won’t be available for viewing (the first mission is an exception). The next day you’ll get access to the solutions of other users through Random Review and will be able to analyze how effective your approach was. After that, on the third day (since the opening of the mission), the solutions leaderboard will be opened.

The mission and solution opening schedule is as follows:

  • September 1st - the opening of the first mission;
  • September 2nd - the opening the 1st mission solutions;
  • September 3rd - the opening of the 2nd mission
  • September 4th - the opening of the solutions for the 2nd mission through Random Review
  • September 5th - the opening of the 3rd mission and the solutions leaderboard for the 2st mission
  • September 6th - the opening of the solutions for the 3rd mission through Random Review
  • September 7th - the opening of the 4th mission and the solutions leaderboard for the 3rd mission; and so on
  • September 29th-30th, when the last 15th mission and its solutions will become available.

The complexity will increase gradually, so the first few tasks shouldn’t cause you any particular problems. But in case you are faced with any difficulties, you’ll be able to take benefit from the small hints left by your predecessors, who have already been in these parts.

Game on, treasure hunters!

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