• Homework is more important than lecture

Hi, guys!

We haven’t published anything for a while in our medium blog, so check out the latest article, in which I’m gonna be making point of why I consider homework even more important in educational process than the lecture. I hope to also here your thoughts on this topic in the comments.

Give your best to the new mission called the “Fast Train” where your task is to find out the minimum time between the stations.

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  • If you’re using Babel, then this Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide is just for you. All you need to know about types, variables, strings, functions, performance and a lot of other things along with clear examples is in this article.
  • Check out the new cheatsheet for Asynchronous JavaScript to deepen your understanding of promises, async and await.

Our congratulations to the winner of October 2018 Jakub_Raczy_ski - you are totally Awesome and we are glad to have you here with us!

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