• Missions from kurosawa4434

Hi there!

We have finally two new missions for you thanks to kurosawa4434. (Check his interview on py.checkio.org/blog).

First one is called "Power Supply", a cool interesting way to describe this mission where you need to find out which cities have no electricity. The second is called "Find Enemy" where you need to find distance and direction to enemy in a HEX-grid. It’s another cool interesting way to describe it here.

Good luck!

You can create your own missions on CheckiO (you need to achieve level 9) and once approved they can become part of CheckiO Map.

Here is a video where you can see the full process how mission can be implemented on CheckiO. If you want to share your mission idea first without creating it you can use the forum and tag "idea" as it was shown in our previous blog post.

Thank you and I’ll be back soon with more new missions!

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