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Hey guys,

Several months ago, I started a discussion on Py.CheckiO called, "Let’s make our forum better" and I asked you, the community, how it can be improved. Many of the proposed ideas were implemented shortly after. I’d like to say Thank You for being so active and taking part in making CheckiO even better!

Thank you!

Specifically, an idea was implemented on forum that I want to share with you.

On the right side of the forum you can find a list of special tags for forum posts. You can filter forum posts by this tag. Here are the tags:

JavaScript – Do you have a question about the language itself? Are you looking for some module? Don’t understand why this function doesn’t work? Or maybe you are looking for advice? Then you should use this tag.

Idea – If while you are playing CheckiO you see things that can be improved or you have a great idea you’d like to share, then please share it here with this tag.

Resource – The internet is full of interesting things and every day it is only gets bigger. With this tag you can share the most interesting things you find to help your fellow coders. It can be anything: an article, a video or a new web site. The only requirements it should be about programming, python or coding games. Humor is always acceptable, of course. Let’s keep it all positive tho! The most interesting posts will be shared in our Facebook and Twitter networks.

Code Review – Share a new solution using this tag. You can also ask CheckiO users for code-review here.

Bug - I’m sure you know what does it mean.

You can subscribe to specific forum tags and get notifications about new posts with this tag right to your email inbox.

Don’t forget to upvote comments you find interesting! And please mark your post as resolved when you satisfied with answers.

With this improvements I want to make the forum not only a place where you can get help with solving missions but also a place where you can learn something new and meet other people who share your love for coding.

Thank you,

PS: If you have ideas how the forum can be improved –as always, please let me know in comments.

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