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Long numbers can be made to look nicer, so let’s write some code to do just that.

You should write a function for converting a number to string using several rules. First of all, you will need to cut the number with a given base (base argument; default 1000). The value is a float number with decimal after the point (decimals argument; default 0). For the value, use the rounding towards zero rule (5.6⇒5, -5.6⇒-5) if the decimal = 0, otherwise use the standard rounding procedure. If the number of decimals is greater than the current number of digits after dot, trail value with zeroes. The number should be a value with letters designating the power. You will be given a list of power designations (powers argument; default ['', 'k', 'M', 'G', 'T', 'P', 'E', 'Z', 'Y']). If you are given suffix (suffix argument; default ‘’) , then you must append it. If you don’t have enough powers - stay at the maximum. And zero is always zero without powers, but with suffix.

Let's look at examples. It will be simpler.

  • n=102
    result: "102", the base is default 1000 and 102 is lower this base.
  • n=10240
    result: "10k", the base is default 1000 and rounding down.
  • n=12341234, decimals=1
    result: "12.3M", one digit after the dot.
  • n=12000000, decimals=3
    result: "12.000M", trailing zeros.
  • n=12461, decimals=1
    result: "12.5k", standard rounding.
  • n=1024000000, base=1024, suffix='iB'
    result: '976MiB', the different base and the suffix.
  • n=-150, base=100, powers=['', 'd', 'D']
    result: '-1d', the negative number and rounding towards zero.
  • n=-155, base=100, decimals=1, powers=['', 'd', 'D']
    result: '-1.6d', the negative number and standard rounding.
  • n=255000000000, powers=['', 'k', 'M']
    result: '255000M', there is not enough powers.

Input: A number as an integer. The keyword argument "base" as an integer, default 1000. The keyword argument "decimals" as an integer, default 0. The keyword argument "powers" as a list of string, default ['', 'k', 'M', 'G', 'T', 'P', 'E', 'Z', 'Y'].

Output: The converted number as a string.


friendlyNumber(102) == '102'
friendlyNumber(10240) == '10k'
friendlyNumber(12341234, {decimals: 1}) == '12.3M'
friendlyNumber(12000000, {decimals: 3}) == '12.000M'
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