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"Animals and plants can reproduce themselves, but it was only recently shown that machines can be made which also reproduce themselves... Other kinds of self-reproducing machines will be described, and one simple mechanical model, with no electrical or magnetic complications, will be there in working order for the audience to inspect and operate."

-- Edward Forrest Moore

In cellular automata, the Moore neighborhood comprises the eight cells surrounding a central cell on a two-dimensional square lattice. The neighborhood is named after Edward F. Moore, a pioneer of cellular automata theory. Many board games are played with a rectangular grid with squares as cells. For some games, it is important to know about the conditions of neighbouring cells for chip (figure, draught etc) placement and strategy.

You are given a state for a rectangular board game grid with chips in a binary matrix, where 1 is a cell with a chip and 0 is an empty cell. You are also given the coordinates for a...

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