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"Nikola, A1213pokl, bAse730onE."

"Yes Sofia, what is it?"

"You tell me! Your torture device is singing my circuits with its new lexicon. There is no way I can remember these new passwords and the thing doesn't accept simple and easy ones!"

"Oh, those will be good passwords, you can use them."

"Why can’t you use them!?" Sofia asked almost hysterically. "I’ve already forgotten them! Do you want me locked out of my own house for eternity? Come up with something easier so I don’t have to keep all that randomized gobbledygook in my head." Sofia rarely acted so demanding but she had reached her boiling point. The stress of the past few days coupled with her exhaustion had brought her to the edge.

"Don’t worry, I was expecting something easier to remember. Why don’t you use the cipher map to help with your password. With it we can encrypt all the passwords and leave them right next to the...

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