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We have a broken clock. We know how quickly it runs or lags over a specific period of time. At first, the clock is set to the correct time, but after a while it begins to display an incorrect time... But instead of correcting the clock each time, we will use an algorithm to calculate the correct time by accounting for the difference compared to the actual current time. Of course we will have access to the correct time for each day. In addition, you can be certain that the correct starting time and current actual time fall on the same day. For this mission, time is measured in a 24 hour format.

You are given three values. The first is the correct starting time..... For Example "+1 second at 10 seconds" -- the clock is 1 second fast for every 10 seconds of actual time and "-5 minutes at 5 hours" -- the clock lags 5 minutes for every 5 hours of actual time.

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