• Three Important Updates

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Hello CheckiO users! đŸ™‚

One of the most significant CheckiO updates is ready, and I'm happy to show you everything.

The first thing is that CheckiO no longer requires registration. Feel free to start without registration and enjoy playing the game. The only restriction you'll have is sharing your solutions, leaving comments and likes. In order to do that, you'll need to create an account (don't worry, your progress will be saved in a newly created account)

The second one is faster code run. We have in-browser run of your TypeScript code, which is insanely fast (the option can be turned off in the editor's settings).

The third one is a new editor! After several months of work and beta-testing with active community members, we are proud to say that the new editor is ready to use.

The new editor is on the same page with mission info, so you can scroll down and start solving the mission. It is straightforward and fast.

After the mission has been solved, you can scroll down and find the best solutions from each category, along with the most upvoted code review for that solution.

On top of that:

  • Full support of mobile browsers
  • The full-screen mode you can find in the editor's submenu
  • Cleaning code using the black tool right from your editor
  • Different themes for your editor
  • Our Chrome and FF extensions are still working with the new editor, but with an updated checkio-client you can do `checkio serv -d` and have syncing code tool even without an extension.
  • When you create a new account, you can choose a difficulty level between normal and advanced (don't worry, you will be able to change the difficulty level during the game in your profile). Different difficulty levels have different mission orders, so you shouldn't worry about missing any mission
  • In settings, you can turn on an option for highlighting the same word. It is very convenient to quickly see where else the current variable has been used in code.

Isn't cool?

Let us know what do you think about those new updates.

Thank you, and have a great time codding with CheckiO.

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