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Operations with sets are now a peace of cake! Read about it and try our new mission with string and number progression!


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Beat The Previous by freeman_lex -

Given a string of digits guaranteed to only contain ordinary integer digit characters 0 to 9, create and return the array of increasing integers acquired from reading these digits in order from left to right. The first integer in the result list is made up from the first digit of the string. After that, each element is an integer that consists of as many following consecutive digits as are needed to make that integer strictly larger than the previous integer. The leftover digits at the end of the digit string that do not form a sufficiently large integer are ignored.

assert.deepStrictEqual(beatPrevious("600005"), [6]);
assert.deepStrictEqual(beatPrevious("6000050"), [6, 50]);
assert.deepStrictEqual(beatPrevious("045349"), [0, 4, 5, 34]);


New JavaScript Set methods -

This article is a good read for people who are new to Set in JavaScript and are looking to find out how to use these new JavaScript methods. I'll highlight some advantages of using these methods with basic examples to show why you might reach for these instead of building your own implementations.

๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ปCODE SHOT

How do you think, what the following code does?

function ???????(data: number[]): number {
    const mid = Math.floor(data.length / 2);
    data.sort((a, b) => a - b);
    return (data.at(mid) + data.at(~mid)) / 2;

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