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Reveal the Number by freeman_lex -

Unlock the mystery within a string teeming with diverse characters—letters, digits, and symbols alike. Your mission? To uncover the elusive number hidden within. Traverse the string, gathering only the digits, the number sign, and perhaps a solitary "." if fate allows. Merge them into a numerical revelation. But beware, should the string yield no digits, the treasure remains elusive—returning naught but null. Embark on this journey of extraction and discovery!

assert.strictEqual(revealNum("F0(t}"), 0);
assert.strictEqual(revealNum("Utc&g"), null);
assert.strictEqual(revealNum("-aB%|_-+2ADS.12+3.ADS1.2"), 2.12312);


DevTools Tips & Tricks -

Front-end developers spend a significant amount of time working inside the browser’s DevTools. Likely just as much as they spend time writing code in the code editor. However, most developers barely scratch the surface of what DevTools can accomplish. I have been curating a collection of DevTools tips across major browsers. The following are some of the useful tips & tricks for across different browsers that will help you unlock the full potential of DevTools.


How do you think, what the following code does?

function ???????(sentence: string): string {
  return sentence.toLowerCase().replace(/\b\w/g, c => c.toUpperCase());

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