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In this digest we offer to read a well explained article about function composition and try to solve a new fucnction about calculating working time.


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Working Hours Calculator by freeman_lex -

Write a function that takes two dates and two times as input and returns the total number of working hours between the two dates (incl. both). Times representing the start and end of a workday. Working hours are defined as the time between the end and start times, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. So the function also takes an argument that specifies an array of holidays to exclude (could be empty). Time may have minutes. Convert them into float as minutes/60 with two-digits precision.

assert.strictEqual(workingHours("2023-03-01", "2023-03-01", "09:00", "17:00", []), 8);
assert.strictEqual(workingHours("2023-03-01", "2023-03-02", "09:00", "17:00", []), 16);
assert.strictEqual(workingHours("2023-03-01", "2023-03-03", "09:00", "17:00", ["2023-03-01"]), 16);


JS function composition: what's the big deal? -

To hear some people talk, you’d think function composition was some kind of sacred truth. A holy principle to meditate upon whilst genuflecting and lighting incense. But function composition is not complicated. You probably use it all the time, whether you realise it or not. Why, then, do functional programmers get all worked up about it? What’s the big deal?


How do you think, what the following code does?

var ???????? = t => t.toUpperCase() == t || (t = t.slice(1), t.toLowerCase() == t)

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