• CheckiO JS ‘closed’ Beta has launched

Hi my friend,

A lot of people asked us to extend our CheckiO experience on other languages. So we decide to start with one of the most popular request from users: JavaScript.

In the JavaScript CheckiO world we decide to start small. Only 4 islands with 20 missions and our usual forum post called “Mission Ideas”. But don’t worry! During the beta we will add more missions. Most of them will be from Python CheckiO converted to JS.

If you didn’t get the invite to our closed beta, please Email me on a.lyabah@checkio.org with a couple lines about yourself and your experience in JavaScript. I will send you an invitation shortly after. It may look like over complicated but I want to get to know my very first players a bit more.

In a separate forum post you can get to know more about the current version of JavaScript interpreter we are using here. Feel free to leave your comments there.

Don’t forget about our forum where you can ask questions, share ideas and report bugs. All of this is highly appreciated!

PS: You might also noticed that we have improved the interface slightly. It’s more mobile-friendly :)

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