• Activity Beta Release

Hi friends

We are working hard on improving CheckiO and getting it ready for the release. I would like to say thanks to all of you who sent bug-reports. It helps a lot.

We are not only fixing bugs, we are also improving the good old features and bringing some new cool features.

One of those features is "Activity" (previously called "Timeline"). All user related events such as shared solution, voting or commenting on something can be found on separated section of users profile. You can also check a global timeline to see all the events related to your already solved missions. What is more, you can follow some other users and see aggregate activity of all users you follow in a specific section on the project.

Some more missions have been migrated from PY.CheckiO for you: Absolute Sorting, Bird Language. Brackets, Break Rings, Broken Clock, Cipher Map, Clock Angle, Count Inversion, Counting Tiles, Digit Stack

The next feature we want to beta-release and start testing soon is ClassRooms.

The idea of ClassRooms is very simple - playing CheckiO together inside a group. The group has a mentor (a teacher), who created it, set up rules and invited members. Each group member can see an aggregated activity of the group and all the group solutions.

ClassRoom can be interesting for teachers who teach Python (or JavaScript) and want to give an additional way of skills improvement for students.

If you have ideas and feature request you can leave your comment here. If you want to participate in testing ClassRoom feature or you know someone who might be interested - please contact me directly by email.

Thank you and stay tuned as even more cool features are coming in the future release.

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