• is array.sort() implementation incosistent?


I would like to give some feedback about ...

From: https://js.checkio.org/mission/most-wanted-letter/solve/


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My code:

function mostWanted(data) {
    return (!data) ? '' : data.toLowerCase().replace(/[^\w]/g, '')
                                  .match(/(.)\1*/g).sort((a, b) => b.length - a.length)//[0][0] Uncomment this to get the most wanted letter

The issue :

The code should preserve the order after the second sort, it does that untill it reaches 11 unique characters.


"If compareFunction(a, b) returns 0, leave a and b unchanged with respect to each other, but sorted with respect to all different elements. Note: the ECMAscript standard does not guarantee this behavior, thus, not all browsers"

I understand that, but it's odd that changes after a set ammount of unique characters.

I would know: Is this intended?

// First time I encounter the issue
>>>mostWanted("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet")

// Expected result
// ["mmm", "ooo", "ee", "ii", "ll", "rr", "ss", "tt", "a", "d", "p", "u"]

I checked this in the chrome browser and it works.

console.log("Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet".toLowerCase().replace(/[^\w]/g, '')
                                          .match(/(.)\1*/g).sort((a, b) => b.length - a.length))
(12) ["mmm", "ooo", "ee", "ii", "ll", "rr", "ss", "tt", "a", "d", "p", "u"]


// This works fine...

// This works fine...

// This works fine...

// this doesn't work anymore, 

// I think after 10 unique character changes the sorting method. This doens't work

// With 10 works

// With 10 unique character but 11 character works just fine