• Help us to improve current missions


Hi CheckiO friend,

and thank you for your interest in improving your experience.

Every mission has a git repository and the link on this repository can be found at the very end of mission description. The link may look like this:


By adding changes in this repository you can improve the mission itself. Here is what you can improve.

  • Improve Tests. Almost every mission has a list of tests. It is pretty intuitive. You can simply add missed tests in the given test-list.


  • Improve Mission Description. Every mission has a html file with mission description in it. We might misspell somehow or you see the way for the description can be improved - feel free to make your proposition.


  • Add/Improve Hints. Every mission can have an endless amount of hints in it. You can create a new set of hints by simply adding a file in a hints folder.


Hints for JavaScript CheckiO should be stored in a separate folder hints/js. Here is an example of this kind of hints:


We show hints as a dialog between user and you (as a hint provider). You don’t want to provide a huge hint right from the beginning. You want to give small hints one by one as a progression to a right solution. Users don’t want to get all the hints right away usually she is looking for a small push in a right direction.

  • Add/Improve Translation. Users from all over the world translate CheckiO mission in order to make it easier to read for people from their country. Making translations is pretty easy. All you need is to create a folder with language code in a translate folder. Check this example of russian translation.


The structure of translation folder pretty much repeats structure of main folder, so here is where russian translation of the mission can be stored:


Or one of the hints for this mission:


Don’t be afraid to break something down. Every change will propose a pull-request to the mission repository, so before the changes are applied they will be double checked by our team.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in comments bellow this post.

Thank you.

PS: We have collected some information about how to use github and make pull requests. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ytHUo7_dItawrnPJXdQjMBFdnbYY0bVkkoC_MQkROE8/