• Test is failed for count-neighbours


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From: https://js.checkio.org/mission/count-neighbours/solve/


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Test is failed with error TypeError: Cannot read property '3' of undefined, at ClientLoop.countNeighbours (evalmachine.:9:60), at ClientLoop.cover [as coverCode] (evalmachine.:4:17), Fail: countNeighbours([[[1,0,1,0,1],[0,1,0,1,0],[1,0,1,0,1],[0,1,0,1,0],[1,0,1,0,1],[0,1,0,1,0]],5,4]) the value [[[1,0,1,0,1],[0,1,0,1,0],[1,0,1,0,1],[0,1,0,1,0],[1,0,1,0,1],[0,1,0,1,0]],5,4] looks strange in scope of the task