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An improvements to make the forum not only a place where you can get help with solving missions but also a place where you can learn something new and meet other people who share your love for coding
21st February 2017 11:45
by oduvan

Today is the hottest day of winter

Hot section, last mission in the left menu, quick following, opened missions and happy holidays :)
27th December 2016 13:21

3 easy mission

We have 3 easy missions for this weekend
14th December 2016 21:46

CheckiO online Shop

The first CheckiO-shop
8th November 2016 16:17

Find Your Friends

find your friends from Facebook or Twitter playing CheckiO
1st November 2016 11:35

#0 Js.CheckiO Digest

We are on Product Hunt, CheckiO Digest, Liked by Followers, 2 more missions and so on...
27th September 2016 17:56

Activity Beta Release

Activity - released, 10 more missions are ready to play, ClassRooms are coming.
20th July 2016 08:49

CheckiO JS ‘closed’ Beta has launched

A lot of people asked us to extend our CheckiO experience on other languages. So we decide to start with one of the most popular request from users: JavaScript.
22nd June 2016 08:53
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