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Relax and have some fun on July

This month we will release a lot of small and short missions, so you can check how creative can be CheckiO community with JavaScript.
6th July 2017 11:24
by oduvan

3 new missions

3 new missions, UX improvements and Web Plugin upgrade...
29th June 2017 13:25
by oduvan

New Easy Mission and IceBase LeaderBoard

We have released 8 new and easy missions in IceBase station and activate a LeaderBoard on the Island
16th May 2017 12:07
by oduvan

Ice Base

Just a quick message for you about a new station on CheckiO.
16th March 2017 07:47
by oduvan


CheckiO has a lot of features that become available, or unlocked, with higher levels. Here is a list of all the potential features and at which levels they become available to users.
9th March 2017 20:29
by oduvan

Missions from kurosawa4434

We have finally two new missions for you thanks to kurosawa4434. You can create your own missions on CheckiO (you need to achieve level 9) and once approved they can become part of CheckiO Map.
28th February 2017 12:54
by oduvan

Forum Tags

An improvements to make the forum not only a place where you can get help with solving missions but also a place where you can learn something new and meet other people who share your love for coding
21st February 2017 11:45
by oduvan

Today is the hottest day of winter

Hot section, last mission in the left menu, quick following, opened missions and happy holidays :)
27th December 2016 13:21

3 easy mission

We have 3 easy missions for this weekend
14th December 2016 21:46

CheckiO online Shop

The first CheckiO-shop
8th November 2016 16:17

Find Your Friends

find your friends from Facebook or Twitter playing CheckiO
1st November 2016 11:35

#0 Js.CheckiO Digest

We are on Product Hunt, CheckiO Digest, Liked by Followers, 2 more missions and so on...
27th September 2016 17:56

Activity Beta Release

Activity - released, 10 more missions are ready to play, ClassRooms are coming.
20th July 2016 08:49

CheckiO JS ‘closed’ Beta has launched

A lot of people asked us to extend our CheckiO experience on other languages. So we decide to start with one of the most popular request from users: JavaScript.
22nd June 2016 08:53
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